Our plastic bags can be placed recycled through the REDcycle program at your local Coles or Woolworths. So what is the REDcycle program you ask…..?? Lets find out.

The REDcycle program was created by the company RED Group who are based in Melbourne, Australia. The REDcycle program was introduced in September 2011 and as at September 2021 have diverted over 3 billion pieces of soft plastics from landfill.


Once you have finished with your soft plastics (and with our packaging once you have removed our label from the front of the packaging) you take them to your local Coles or Woolworths and place them in the REDcycle bins located at the front of their stores. From here the bins are collected and all the soft plastics are taken to the RED Groups Facility in Melbourne for initial processing. After the initial processing it is then taken to a Victorian manufacturer Replas, where it undergoes an incredible transformation. Replas use the soft plastics as the resource to produce a huge range of recycled plastic products, from fitness circuits to sturdy outdoor furniture, bollards, signage and more.


To find out who partners with REDcycle, please click here.


So you may ask….. What is the difference between your normal kerbside collection recycling program and the REDcycle program???

Kerbside collection will take majority of your cardboard, glass, and plastic bottles and containers. It will not take soft plastics (so anything that can be scrunched into a ball) as it jams the automated sorting machines at the Materials Recovery Facility.


Check with your council recycling program to understand what can be taken to ensure you are not disposing of items that are going to end up in landfill when they can have a re-purpose.